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Scholarship Information
Scholarships may be awarded on a one time only basis or have a renewal clause attached to them. If they are renewable, make sure you find out what the criteria is to renew them.  There are two types of scholarships, institutional and private.   Institutional scholarships are awarded by the college and/or university. They can be based on GPA, class rank, ACT score, or any number of other criteria. You usually complete a scholarship form when completing the admission application to the college or university.  Private scholarships are awarded by companies, foundations, organizations, etc.  Check with your family’s job site and any organization they are member to see if there are scholarship opportunities in their organization. 
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Scholarship Opportunities
The following opportunities have come into the Hazelwood West Guidance Office recently.  Additional information can be obtained in the Guidance Office.  Remember the importance of meeting deadlines for applications for admissions and scholarships:  If your application requires information to be provided by your counselor or if a recommendation is needed, be sure to make arrangements at least two weeks in advance.  List is updated frequently.  Please check back for updates monthly. 
The scholarships are listed by deadline month date.
College Spring Bus Tour - For Bellarmine Univ, Univ of Kentucy, Univ of Louisville, Univ of Kentucky Spalding Univ, Transylvania Univ, Fontbonne Univ and Centre Univ. Registration opens August 25th. For more information email
Lillie Lois ford Scholarship Fund - Two awards of $1,000 each are given each year. One to a boy who has attended a full session of The American Legion Boys State of Missouri  or a full session of the Department Cadet patrol Academy. The second award is given to a girl who has attended a full session of The American Legion Auxiliary's Girls State program or full session of the Department's Cadet Patrol Academy. The application deadline is April 20, 2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter at 660-627-4713.
M.D. "JACK" Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Fund - Currently one $750 award is given for two successive semesters, and may, by application, be extended for two additional successive semesters. This award is available to a Missouri boy or girl training to be a Registered Nurse. The student must have graduated in the top forty percent of their high school class. The application deadline is April 20, 2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter at 660-627-4713.
Joseph J. Frank Scholarship - Five awards of $500.00 are given annually to individuals who are descendants of a veteran. Applicants must have attended a full session of The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Applicants must be unmarried, under the age of 21, a current resident of the state of Missouri and must use the scholarship as a full time student in an accredited college or university. The deadline is April 20, 2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter at 660-627- 4713.
Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship- Two awards of $500 are given annually. Individuals who are currently members of the The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion, or a descendant. Applicants must be unmarried, a resident of Missouri, under the age of 21. The deadline is April 20.2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter at 660-627-4713.
Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship - Two $500 awards are given annually to a student planning on obtaining a degree in education. Individuals must be a descendant of a veteran who served 90 days or more of active duty in the armed forces and having a honorable discharge and a Missouri resident. Submit an essay of 500 words or less on- In your Opinion, what was the most significant world event of 2013/2014? The application deadline is April 20.2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter 660-627-4713.
Shane Dean Voyles Memorial Scholarship - One $500 award will be awarded, annually. Each school in the State of Missouri may nominate one student to be considered for the award. The nominee will be selected on athletic, scholastic and leadership abilities. The individual should be deeply invovled in the community and school activities. The application deadline is April 20, 2015. For more information call Mr. John Buckwalter 660-627-4713.
 Quest For Education Scholarship Program - To Vantage Credit union members. Since financial nedd is not a criterion, nor is class rank, SAT?ACT scores or grade point average, virtually any high school senior can aaply for the scholarship, once they have joined the credit union.- The deadline is January 9, 2015. Contact 314-264-5150 or for more information.
Applications avaiable in the guidance office.
Scholarship Opportunities with Unspecified Due Date
Listed Alphabetically
National Defense Transportation Association Schott/St. Louis Chapter ScholarshipTwo  $3,500 and four $2000 awards available for students enrolling in a 4 year or graduate degree college program related to business, transportation logistics or physical distribution.  Two $1500 awards available for students enrolled in  two-year associates degree or trade certification programs.    Candidates must complete application, submit official transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, 2 letters of recommendation, and an essay on given topic.  More information and applications available in the guidance office or at:
United Negro College Fund, Inc. Scholarships:  Multiple scholarships with various application requirements.  For a list, visit:    Deadlines vary.
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship - For  high school grads ready to launch directly into a rewarding career. The Navy offers, hands-on training in more than 60 sought after vocations. It is also an opportunity to to get a degree further down the road - with 100% tuition assistance while serving on Active Duty. For students with the grades and determination needed fpr college, the Navy will provide up to $180,000 toward a college degree from one of over 160 first-rate colleges and universities. 
General Scholarship Search Websites
www. (Scholarship Opportunities Specific to St. Louis Area)
Scholarship Opportunities Specific to;
Service Organizations, Extra-Curricular, Big Businesses, Unions, Pro Athletic Teams, Ethnicity, Disability, Overcoming Hardships, Community Service, Writers and Poets, Performing Arts, Artists.
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